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Historic Routes
 Historic Routes in the Irish Hills

Centuries in the making, the US-12 Heritage Trail is a road connecting man, animals, commerce, culture, and nature. Bridging southern Michigan's east and west shores, the US-12 Heritage Trail is an unconventional destination that encourages the traveler to journey its winding roads, meet its people, explore its places, and uncover its hidden treasures.

Irish Hills Michigan

Historical Places

US-12 (Michigan Avenue)
through Saline

US-12 (Michigan Avenue) through Saline follows the route of the historic Sauk Trail, a Native American trail that was to later become the Detroit and Chicago Road. Orange Risdon the founder of Saline was the original surveyor for the Detroit and Chicago Road. The portion of Michigan Avenue in Saline designated as a Heritage Route has several historic attractions. The old Schuyler Mill (now Weller's) is located near the intersection of US-12 and the Saline River. Henry Ford converted this Mill in 1937 to a soybean processing plant for the manufacture of auto paint and auto parts. The Saline downtown area is historically significant and vibrant. Oakwood Cemetery, Curtiss Mansion and the Rentschler Farm museum are other important attractions.

Irish Hills Michigan

Historical Places

US-12 in Clinton Township
and Clinton Township

US-12 in Clinton and Clinton Township are part of the historic Saulk Trail. Typically, Clinton was founded on the convergence of a road, the Chicago Military Road and a river, The Raisin. The original community was called Oak Opening because of its location in a natural opening in the dense oak forest. Clinton soon became the greatest trading point west of Detroit with then general stores, several blacksmith shops, a hardware store, the Clinton Inn, Atlas Mill, and the Clinton Woolen Manufacturing Company with 200 employees. Today many of the buildings in the Village of Clinton and Clinton Township are faithfully preserved, but with modern conveniences to better serve today's customer.

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